Our services include:

We write / upgrade / rewrite / translate applicants’ CV.

We introduce the Israeli work market to the new immigrant or returning residents, while focusing on their specific employment sector.

We prepare applicants for job interviews, evaluation centers and various screening tests.

We provide personal consultation relating to employment contract the applicant has to sign.

We assist in establishing a career path.

We offer a variety diagnoses by an occupational psychologist and a recommendation as to the occupational direction best suited to each applicant.

We stay in touch and continue to assist the applicants after the work placement process is completed.

Who is considered a new Ole (a new immigrant)? Any person not born in Israel that is entitled to immigrate to Israel in accordance with the Law of Return (and the amendment to the law) is considered a new immigrant (ole).

New immigrants (olim) who:

Have been residing in Israel for up to 10 years since the date of immigration, olim from Ethiopia and the Caucasus – up to 15 years.

Immigrated to Israel at the age of 15 years old or older.

Have an academic degree / occupational training / professional experience.

Are not receiving assistance relating to acknowledgment of a licensed profession from the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption.

Have completed Ulpan Alef and Absorption Basket – six months in Israel.

Are not receiving assistance in academic studies from the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption.

Age: 18-67 years old (work age)