5 must have items in an israeli trunk.

It is a fact that Israel does not manufacture cars, but still, there is a thing called an “Israeli car”. All it takes is to open the trunk of your car and load these 5 must-have items.

1. A straw mat and a couple of folding chairs
One of the great advantages of traveling in Israel by car is the relatively short distances you need to drive from one location to another. Fortunately, our small country is full of unique and beautiful sites and landscapes worth visiting. No matter where you decided to go to – the beach, Jerusalem forests, or one of the springs up North, a mat and some folding chairs will always come in handy, making your experience in nature perfect.

2. Coffee kit
A coffee kit, is one of the most recommended items to store in your car. Whether you are meeting some friend for a picnic or you’re just tired of driving and need a break, It’s always good to have a cup of black coffee at hand. The basic kit includes a camping burner, a finjan (a small metal coffee pot), a spoon, glasses and a bag of black coffee. That’s all you need. Want to learn how to make an authentic black coffee? Watch this video and learn in minutes.

3. Beach kit
Israel is a warm country and gladly (or not) most days of the year it is warm enough to enter the cool waters of the sea. There is nothing more refreshing than a spontaneous stop at the beach for a short dive in the water. Driving from Tel Aviv to Haifa on the coastal road you can’t help but to stop for a few minutes on one of the amazing beaches along the road? So, in order for us to always be prepared for spontaneous dive in the water, it is recommended that you have a beach kit in the trunk. A small bag with a towel, a bathing suit and slippers will is all you need. And if you want to be able to sit for a while and enjoy Just add a folding parasol or compact shade canopy in the trunk and you can have the perfect shadow wherever you decide to sit.

4. Sun Shield
We already mentioned the Israeli weather and the Israeli sun, so to make sure the car is not boiling hot when you enter it, you can use a simple sun visor that you place on the windshield any time you park your car. It will do wonders and minimize the car from getting too hot in the sun.

5. Tefilat HaDerech (Traveler’s Prayer)
We Israelis are cynical and sarcastic, but ultimately we are a spiritual nation. We all wish to have some supervision from above while we’re on the road. A copy of the Jewish prayer in the glove compartment gives all of us a little peace of mind before going on the road. And if you want to make your car even more Israeli and hopefully more protected, place a hanging Hamsa on the front car mirror.

We Wish you a pleasant and safe trip on Israel’s roads, and do not forget to stop occasionally and enjoy the view